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How to Get Promoted from an SDR to Account Executive?

For the majority of SDRs, becoming an Account Executive is the natural next step in their professional development in a sales job. However, even if you perform well as an SDR, you shouldn’t expect a raise to magically fall into your lap. It is necessary to gain the necessary abilities and to establish relationships with your coworkers in order to advance in your career.

It’s important to remember that SDRs and AEs have quite distinct primary functionalities. SDRs are responsible for reaching out to clients at the beginning of the sales pipeline, while AEs are in charge of completing agreements. To go from the position of SDR to AE, you must demonstrate that you are competent in handling that work and more. Here are the areas in which you should concentrate in order to increase your chances of receiving a promotion.

More sales

It is the most effective opportunity to show that you are prepared for a job that you not only achieve but exceed your sales targets on a quarterly basis, as seen in the chart below. Obviously, if you are already doing this, that is fantastic! Individuals at the head of the pack will be well aware of this situation.

Identify where you are coming up short of your targets and set a plan in place to enhance your performance in the case that you are not meeting your targets on a regular basis. Prior to pursuing a promotion, you should double-check your performance metrics to ensure that they are great.

Efficient networking

Relationship-building is a critical talent for AEs to possess. It is beneficial to demonstrate your strengths in this area by developing excellent connections with your coworkers, not only with your superiors—instead of simply with your superiors. While your personal sales should always be your primary focus, make time to assist your other SDRs when you can to make a difference.

When you do get the opportunity to connect with more senior members of the sales team, demonstrate your worth and professionalism. Present yourself as someone who is talented, keen to learn, and open to cooperation with everyone on the team by demonstrating your abilities and willingness to learn. Developing ties with members of the customer service and product success teams is also essential. When you do decide to pursue a career as an AE, those contacts will be crucial.

Proficient time management

Adroit AEs are masters of time management. Determine how well you’re doing in this particular area. Even if you consider yourself to be usually adept at time management, there is always space for growth. Keep track of your everyday routines and think about if you have any habits that are having a negative influence on your productivity. If time management is something that you struggle with, try a variety of productivity tools to see which ones work best for your needs.

Your superiors want to see that you are capable of managing your pipeline, responding to contacts in a timely manner, and meeting all of your duties on schedule before upgrading you from SDR to AE.

Getting that advancement from SDR to AE does not happen by accident. However, if you can begin to build the abilities that will be required of you as an AE, you will be in a better position to be promoted.

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